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Hash Brown Comix #1

24 pages, 10" x 7", $? email Editors Dan or Oli for ordering info >>> danieljhayer at gmail dot com or olihastings9 at gmail dot com

It's thanks to Glenno that I finally got a copy of this new Sydney comix anthology. I read an interview with Oli on the Unbelievably Bad blog, then emailed him/them to get a copy, but the goddamn email bounced back, "undeliverable". Denied! But Fate wouldn't have it! Fate wanted me to have a copy! Fate arrived in the form of Glenn 'Glenno' Smith to our recent comix/zine nerd hangout, so I got a copy. ... The next step would be to start reading it... with extremely LOW expectations. We all know how much comix anthologies can SUCK - it's usually only a question of how much? So it is impossible to overstate how surprised and relieved I was to find that Hash Brown Comix is really great! It is absolutely imbued, suffused, and steeped in the raw and deranged spirit of the finest Underground Comix 'spirit'. One strip [by co-editor Oli Hastings] is about the real life tragedy of Sydney's Luna Park Ghost Train fire in 1979. This strip is so great, and part of its greatness for me is that I don't know how much of the detail within is historical fact, and how much is the product of the artist's imagination. ... Other strips I really liked were Dominic Proust's tale of unrequited love with a tall girl; co-editor Dan Heyer's very strange school teacher; Kaylene Milner's Soviet record collectors; and another Oli strip about his veneration of Rowland S. Howard.

20 pages, $3.00, by Gerard Ashworth [Contact info? I'll have to get back to you on that. Aside from his actual home address - which I won't include here - I don't think Gerard even uses email...]

It took a while to get around to reading this [could be my quote of 2016] - Gerard gave this to me when we shared a table at the Manly Zine Fair back in September. Historically, I go into a new Ashworth production with a sick sense of dread. They can be so dense and inscrutable! Really hard to understand! And to add insult to psychological trauma/injury, he makes fun of the reader constantly for his or her limited intelligence! *Blub!* But this one is easy to read! ...Or maybe I've gotten smarter? No, impossible! In short, I could say not only do I not remember the last time I enjoyed an Ashworth comic so much, but I do not remember the last time I enjoyed an Ashworth comic. ... Amongst the really great autobiographical stuff where he exposes his 'quirks and idiosyncracies', there are also terrific comic stripped versions of a Godley & Creme song, 'I Pity Inanimate Objects'; and Gerard's 'girlfriend' Sabrina reciting "the greatest Beat poem of them all", 'Tomorrow Is A Drag', from the 1958 movie 'High School Confidential'.

Unbelievably Bad #16

68 pages, $9.00 Aust >>> Von Helle, 9 Ross Street, Dulwich Hill NSW 2203, AUSTRALIA
+ unbelievablybadmag.com

Power + The Chosen Few ["They carried axehandles onstage in case anyone tried to fuck with them."] + Angie + 'Mad' Macka ["He's got a kind of simple demeanour that hints at head trauma, but he's no dummy. In fact, he's a bookworm with degrees in law and political science."] + Space Bong + Napalm Death [In the interview conducted by Rod Hunt, Mark 'Barney' Greenway does not actually say, "It is what it is..." - that must have been a transcription error!] + The Coloured Balls + Chris Barnes + Reviews + Clive Darril

RIP Ned Brooks [1938-2015]

I can't say I even own one zine by Ned, but I had heard of him and read reviews of his zines.

He died when he fell off a roof while making repairs. What a silly way to die!

And there's a photo in this obituary of Ned in a room of his which is so well organised - for an obsessive collector of zines - it makes me sick with envy! My collection is scattered in various piles and boxes. To find a particular issue from five years ago would be a challenge indeed. Shameful!

Ned Brooks obituary at File 770

Dithering Doodles #34

24 pages, 8.5 x 5.5", $2.00 or trade, or ask nicely! >>> Steven Anderson, email premiumdeluxe [at] hotmail [dot] com

This is a Halloween issue, featuring a "Trick er Treat" story starring three first graders from a 1969-70 class at St, Marys International School, Tokyo, Japan [I think!]. I've had the experience recently while reading Steve's wonderful comics, of a revelation appearing later in the issue that completely puts a previous strip or story in a whole new light. Also, Steve deliberately spells words differently, and in this issue I noticed that the way he spells "candy" is an anagram of "cyanide". And I'm going to write and ask him where the photo of the three funny 'trick er treat' kids came from!

Bonus! Here is a great interview with Steve "Dith Dood" Anderson, featuring loads of his art.

Hiroshima Yeah! #140 [October 2016]

Contact HY! at donbirnam [at] hotmail [dot] com

Poetry, CD reviews, a book review, a couple of DVD reviews, micro[?]fiction, Gary Simmons's sublime and "barely intelligible" stream-of-consciousness observations, and a page of sketches of views from a busrider.

My favourite line from this issue is from Mark's review of charity shop find CD album 'Creator' by The Lemonheads: "There's also oodles of spirited, youthful, punky thrash in the shape of "Sunday", "Die Right Now" and "Clang Bang Clang", which pilfers yet MORE lyrics from Charles Manson. Did he sue? Did he FUCK! He probably thinks all property is theft anyway, the batty old TWAT!"

is a real monthly treat.

Kackle Issue 4D : Bruce Wilson's The Twin

16 pages, by Bruce Wilson, spatty31 [at] hotmail.com $9.00 + Postage, 7" x 5"
Here's a 3D comic that comes with the classic, original 3D glasses. I always forget how amazing this simple technology is, and how effectively the blue and the red lenses make the images leap from the page. This is a short, suspenseful story of a bank robber and the hostages he makes of the bank customers, and their tense exchange as a police sniper takes aim from a nearby building. Inside the second last page is an audio device - the kind you find in musical greeting cards - but no sound emerged from mine [it appears the red wires have become detached]. Nevertheless, this little 3D book is really great! A keeper.

Betty Paginated #35 [Spring 2016]

*ADULTS ONLY* 20 pages, 11.5" x 8.5", email for price/trades >>> Dann Lennard, PO Box A1412, Sydney South NSW 1235, AUSTRALIA + danhelen [at] idx.com.au + blog: bettypaginated.blogspot.com + podcasts: kirbyyourenthusiasm.libsyn.com

Behold the man! I mean, Behold Dann! Or, more accurately, Behold the zine! Betty Paginated, produced by the man, Dann Lennard! A zine we're all very happy to receive a new issue of! Well, actually no, not all of us... I know at least one person who will not at all be celebrating the arrival of another issue of BP... But who cares about the haters? Not me!

In this issue: the UK's Rear of the Year, a "cheeky contest' inaugurated in 1976 with the magnificent buns of Barbara Windsor [the Carry On... films and Eastenders]; 'House of Horrors', a piece about "THE WORLD'S FIRST SERIAL KILLER" HH Holmes; a tribute to British porn model and actress, Mary Millington, who, as Dann notes, had been "... a huge star in the United Kingdom before her tragic death in 1979 at the age of 33."; a look at the films about - and inspired by - Hunter S. Thompson; some Sydney Film Festival reviews; and other bits, butts and pieces.

As everybody knows, I love reading my zines on the bus to and from work. BP is one of those that I sometimes think twice about when opening it to certian pages. Such is the deep complexity of the concept of the unclothed human body!

16 pages, 8.5" x 7", free upon request, Rob, Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos, 2-7 Larch Street, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1R 6W4

You will find out in the previous post that this zine really had me confused when I found it in my mailbox. It looked just like a regular DL size envelope, but addressed to me in blue ballpoint pen and covered in a bunch of wonderful postage stamps [which have become so rare in this day and age]. The sneaky [yet brilliant] thing I found out upon closer examination was that, in fact, it was the new issue of Rob's zine, folded and stapled so as to mimic an ordinary envelope. I'm sure - I know - I have seen this done before, but in this instance it impressed me so much, and made such an impact on me, that I decided today [while I was on the bus to work] that I am going to use this technique with my own zine, by which I mean my series of diary comix [Jan to Dec 2015] that I am still posting out to people. Some of them, the last page is blank, so it would be PERFECT.

Anyway, this is supposed to be a review of LCdR #12 so I'll get to that.

"This zine is about dreams," Rob writes at the beginning. But more specifically, travel dreams. Out of the many places Rob dreamed of visiting, only one remianed a constant. And I, your humble correspondent, is writing these words right this very minute from that exact place! "What place?" you shout, raising both fists like a lunatic. Australia, of course! This issue is all about Rob's long-planned visit to Australia! During which visit I had the pleasure to meet him when he dropped in to the Other Worlds Zine Fair in May last year!

'Envelope' of the Month - November 2016

Wow! This was in my mailbox when I looked on the way home from work today.Look at that Mr Spock stamp! Look how MANY stamps there are! It's not even an envelope, but what appears to be a zine, folded and stapled, and stamped and addressed. I don't even know who it's from! What a Great Mail Day! [I'll continue this after I've found out what it is and who it's from...]

[Next day... It's a new issue of Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos! From Canadian Rob! Thanks Rob! review coming right up...]



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