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I'm One Of An Odd Family #3

[12 pages, magazine size, $2.50 edited by Monty Rubera >>> meandmyfamily (at) ymail.com ]
The cover artist is Lee Ann Holland, 16, from Indiana USA, likes art and psychology, favourite music is death metal, favourite artist is Marilyn Manson, her 'tools of the trade' are "everything from Sharpies to nail polish".
I'll be upfront: this music zine fuckin' ROCKS.
First up, two pages of album reviews (all were free downloads). The reviews are not only very entertaining, but I learned some new genres! - digigrind, midigrind, and nintendocore. I love editor Monty Rubera's review of Audioviruses 'Sex Noise' album, describing it as "really awful" and the band as "try-hards. If I was to ask them what they were about they'd probably say something like "we're interested in raw animal power and violence", then they might go on to tell me how they have an academic interest in porn, and how they study De Sade, and how only they are allowed to make noise, cause only they truly understand it..."
Awesome interview with (midigrind rap?) band Tortoiseshell Male. Asked about their origin, Staring Flak MC says, "I used to work in a shopping centre basement doing pest control. It was very similar to the videogame DOOM."
Next up an interview with digigrind/harsh noise band Hentai Cum Dungeon (great name!). HCD's Mike explains their (what I would call) manifesto: lyrics attacking child sexual abuse but in such a convoluted and confronting way as to seem, to some, as pro rather than anti. Half of the the lyrics are edited and parodied versions of articles from the book Sexualized Children : Assessment and Treatment of Sexualized Children and Children Who Molest. (I'll bet that these guys have read Peter Sotos.) (Oh yeah, reading this interview I learned another music genre: ghettotech. ... I am a total nerd for genres, sub-genres and sub-squared-times-infinity-sub-genres, by the way.)
Finally there's a short interview with Danish noise artist Loke Harbek who has collaborated with another artist, Tanja Schlander to make field recordings of her vagina. A "normal condenser microphone with a condom on it" is used. Stranger still, Tanja is seven months pregnant so her unborn child contributes to the recording. Could this fetus be the youngest ever recording artist?
I'm One Of An Odd Family is the ideal music zine. Excellent writing about music and musicians/noisemakers you would never read about in any shitwank mainstream magazine, consistently fascinating, and such great twisted and black humour. It's totally bitchin'.
(I'm gonna order the first two issues right now!)


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May. 25th, 2014 02:57 pm (UTC)
Ron Lessard, RRRecords, Emil Beaulieau, Byron Coley, Forced Exposure
I used to live up the road from Ron's shop so I got a chance to explore a lot of the Noise genre and other crazy stuff. Coley used to promote a lot of the same stuff in Forced Exposure and then he had a column in Spin but they discontinued it because the readers were frustrated reading about material they couldn't acquire. The Forced Exposure magazine has folded but the name carries on as a company that sells a lot of these weird imported items, many of them on vinyl.

I also saw Ron in his Emil Beaulieau persona perform live a couple times. Good thing I brought ear plugs.

A couple of the luminaries in this genre are Japanese: Hanatarash and Boredoms.

Hateful me hates all music, of course.

Read an interview with Ron lately. He's getting old, as are we all. He's thinking about retiring to a place in the country with a "babbling brook in the back yard". Ironic or just stupid, as Spy magazine used to say.
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