Biblio-Curiosa #9 : The Autobiographies and Memoirs Issue [August 2020]

56 pages, 21cm x 15cm, $7.00, Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA + chris.mikul88 at gmail dot com

I knew I was in for something special with this issue the second I read the subtitle. Let's get "no-nonsense businessman" EW Martell out of the way and we arrive at Seamus Burke and his 'entryism' [the opposite of 'escapsim'] and automatic drawings, originals of which he sent to King George, Churchill, Ghandi, Hitler, and Pope Pius XII. Then along comes proto feminist and half-arsed satanist Mary MacLane. She looked to the Devil to rescue her from her boring life. In fact, she wanted to marry him! HAW! ... Now here's something! G. Gordon Liddy! I didn't make it to the end of Chris's second page of his review of Liddy the Great's autobiography, 'Will', when I realised it was undoubtedly the Greatest Autobiography Ever Written, rocketed over to my PC, found a copy on ebay, and ordered it immediately. [TBC]

Munster Times #29

40 pages, 30 x 21cm, Matt Ryan, Contact: munster_mag at hotmail dot com +

As you will gather from the terrific cover by Amy, Matt interviews Chad Morgan. I love what he wrote about Chad the Great in his editorial: "I love Chad Morgan, ave since I was a kid. When I said this recently someone said what as in a guilty pleasure? Im like no, as in he's a fucking legend and deserves all the respect in the world."

Next up, Matt pays tribute to wrestler Harley Race, admitting that it was this "mean SOB" that inspired Matt to grow sideburns.

Next is an interview with John Lawrance from "the Crystal Ballroom scene" - At one point he's talking about casting for Ghosts of the Civil Dead, and coming across some of the meanest motherfuckers on the planet in a Brunswick gym. "So I inspected there musicals and tattoos..." Tuff guys? Huh! Musicals? Sounds like a buncha faygits! XD

Following some poetry by Gemma, Matt interviews CJ Ramone - great stuff! He was somewhat of an oddball choice for The Ramones [as a replacement for Dee Dee] coming from life as a machinegunner in the Marines.

Finally, interviews with Plastic Section and [St Kilda supergroup] Dalicados.

Ponder Park #5 [October 2019]

20 pages, 21 x 14cm, DB Pedlar & AS Cruz, 25727 Cherry Hill Road, Cambridge Springs PA 16403, USA

Pedlar and Cruz tackle ponderous ponderables sent in by their readers:

"What if you could touch but you couldn't feel?"

"Why did the expression 'by the skin of your teeth' come about?"

"What did Morihei Ueshiba mean when he said "All Lives Matter?""

"How important are newspapers in this digital age?"

In answer to another 'ponderable', "Why do we continue to seek knowledge throughout life, what good will it do us in our grave?", DB reveals his own "goal or plan", part of which includes dying "as an obscure writer/artist and a complete failure." Then he wonders "If my plan works and I die a complete failure, does that mean that my plan was a success and therefore I was successful and not a complete failure?"

Alas, like 99% of Planet Zine, it's only a matter of time before you come across a construction such as this one: "Without being held in check [by 'local news'] those old, wealthy White men can do as they please to [deep breath! -Ed.] Blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, LGBT as well as many religious groups." Blame whitey!

[Having said that, DB has been one of the handful of courageous souls that have stood by me when so many cowardly shitbags blacklisted me, and I look forward to each new issue of his ponderific zine.]

Twilight World #25 [August 2019]

Don Fields, 674 Riverfront Drive, Bullhead City AZ 86442, USA + e: oddlystupid at yahoo dot com + w: -  $3.00, or 'the usual'; 22 x 14cm, 20 pages

Don-o explains why it's been so long since the last issue of TW, and it makes for fascinating reading since it involves - in part - the untimely death of an old friend, who turned out to have been somewhat of a hoarder: "...firearms, military clothes, rare and expensive art books, art supplies, CDs, loose paperwork, his paintings and art pieces, electronics he barely used, model airplanes and military vehicles, costumes, photographs, VHS tapes, porn DVDs, laserdiscs, Anime collection, etc..." [We got a Collyer here! We got a Collyer here, captain!] ... [Hey! I've got that Peter Thomas Sound Orchestra CD - Ed.]

If one old friend dying wasn't enough, Don got a call - while he was helping sort through Old Friend #1's possessions - alerting him to the sad news of another old friend passing on up to Hoarder Heaven. Don relates the story of how he met Old Friend #2 - bumping into him at a furry APA party in the early '90s. [Am I reading this wrong or did both of these guys have "classified aerospace" jobs? I'm starting to wonder if Don-o himself isn't part of the classified aerospace industry!] Anyway, it seems these classified aerospace guys are into the 'furry fandom' scene in their downtime, because next we take a deep dive into the furtastic world of furry comics fandom, with Don zooming to the top of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization as Prezident!

Moving right along, however, I must mention the great two-page comic Don created in honour of Negativland and David Wills, in particular, following Wills on a typical day, in his quest for unfound sound.

Hypno Video #11 [September 2019]

12 pages, 21cm x 14cm, FREE! - just write to Kobb Labs, PO Box 30231 Pensacola FL 32503, USA

This is the 'Sixties Space Invaders' issue, featuring reviews of "eight randomly picked 1960s movies featuring visitors from other worlds on less-than-friendly terms with the locals": Invisible Invaders [1959]; Invasion of the Neptune Men [1961]; The Eye Creatures [1965]; The Night Caller [1966]; Planet of Female Invaders [1966]; The War of the Planets [1966]; Mars Needs Women [1967]; and Destroy All Planets [1968].

Although Dr Bill writes that if this issue may seem a little "slipshod", it's because of a toxic environment at his work [something I can certainly relate to *Blub!*], there were nevertheless some really great lines:

" the end the humans are spared and no children are lung-harvested by thick women in tiny skintight shorts." [Planet of the Female Invaders [1966]

"What can I say? It's a Larry Buchanan film. I wasn't expecting it to be any good and Larry never disappoints." [Mars Needs Women [1967]

Dithering Doodles #91 [June 2019]

16 pages, 22cm x 14cm, $2.00 or trade, Steven Anderson, 259 E 700 S, SLC UT 84111, USA + premiumdeluxe at hotmail dot com

This isn't Steve's latest issue, not even close. You won't believe what issue number he's up to! Anyway, that's for a future review...

Steve had been MIA for a year or two, so it was a great surprise the other day to receive an envelope containing four of his fairly recent issues [60, 67, 91 and 93].

DD91 finds the Dith Dood in a VA hospital waiting room with his father, waiting to see the doc about his dad's cataracts. To pass the time, he examines a February 2017 issue of Better Homes & Gardens, and begins doodling; modifying and mutating various bits and pieces from the magazine in his wonderfully warped way: behold! Dith Dood mushroom & cheese sourdough toasts, facial masks, doggie treats, anti-balding snake oil, and more.

There's also Dith Dood-ified versions of Dennis the Menace and Ziggy cartoons and 'Frankenstein-ed' Charlie Brown/Garfield/Dagwood pillows.

The back page reveals that this issue, begun at 6:30am 18 June 2019 at the aforementioned VA Hospital, was finished at 1:37am the following day [which makes it - although Steve doesn't put it this way - a 24-hour comic!]

Reglar Wiglar #23 [2015]


Chris Auman, 44 pages, 22cm x 14cm, email reglarwiglar at gmail dot com for ordering info

The existence of this zine, and even my review here of it, perfectly illustrates 'zine time'. You see, 'zine time' doesn't work like normal time - it's MUCH s l o w e r. In fact it's more like 'geological time'. In his "Idiotorial", Chris Auman notes that this is only the second issue of Reglar Wiglar to be published in TEN YEARS. Similarly, I actually received this zine to review back in 2015, and now here we are in 2020 and it's time for me to present you with my review!

The feature here is 'Book of Jobs Part II'. We all LOVE reading about other people and their jobs - the shittier the better. This kind of material is one of the greatest things about Zines. Exhibit A being Dishwasher Pete and his legendary zine Dishwasher. Here Chris also writes about working as a dishwasher, as well as telemarketer, short order cook, and cinema ticket-ripper. Some of the funniest parts are anecdotes about co-workers, like the one guy who told Chris that he was so happy when he finished the workday that he ran home. A MYSTERY, however: Chris writes that while working at an Italian fast food place, he and his workmates ate "beef buddies" and mozz sticks. I know what mozz [mozzarella] sticks are, but what the hell are "beef buddies"?

Following the work tales is a 'Donald Trump Reviews' section and this was VERY interesting to me, especially since this zine is PT [Pre Trump]. Chris has Trump reviewing Justin Bieber and Iggy Azalea albums. These are well done! He really seems to get Trump's style, and amazingly there is no evidence of TDS [Trump Derangement Syndrome]! In a ZINE!! [Of course, the TRUE test would be to examine the 2017-to-present issues...]

Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos #14 [late 2019]

16 pages, 22cm x 18cm, free upon request, Rob, Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos, 1-74 Fairmont Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario, CANADA K1Y 1X5

This issue's theme is 'Space'. Rob begins with some personal anecdotes, like being the kind of nerdy kid who was so into foreign countries, he memorised the names of the world's capital cities just for fun, and impressed teachers and professors alike by being the only student they had who knew that Burkina Faso used to be called Upper Volta.
It was Cold War-era radio show Voice of America that planted the BIG space hook in Rob's guts, with a series 'Space and Man', which got him into stargazing, and Star Trek. [Rob admits to digging Star Trek rather than Star Wars [me too! \m/]] There's speculation and theories about Near Earth Objects [NEOs] and the real possibility of Earth being struck by a population-decimating asteroid. Also some fascinating notes about 'Wormwood' - "Wormwood is either a star or an angel that appears in the Book of Revelations" - for example the Vatican's high powered telescope located in Arizona that some believe exists primarily to detect the arrival of this "Wormwood".
This is another really great issue. Write for your [FREE!] copy today!

Brain Food #20 [July 2019]

8-page mini by Mike Toft; email: mike-t at for back issues. Trades okay. Yes by all means go ahead and do a little trade. Make a little trade. Get trading tonight.

PS: The Brain Food motto - "Radiating love since 1996" - I can certainly relate to that! CHEERS! from one Sick Puppy to another!