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PJM Reviews Stratu's Diary Comics

Here's a lazy, Social Justice Dummy-style review of my diary comics from PJM that appeared in the latest Node Pajomo.

It's true that back then I was obsessing over my Instagram status, and was in the grip of online shopping addiction - the latter of which, considering my current predicament, I would give anything to go back and change.

Since he neglects to give any context to the "Rotten Hag" and the "Social Justice Dummy", it's obvious he just lazily threw those in to make me look like a mean old FASCIST. That last foaming-at-the-mouth sentence refers to my diary comic pointing out that 'Antifa' - with their balaclavas and bike locks - are in fact far more 'fascist' than any group they have been seen 'protesting.' Obviously PJM still believes they are a shining force for good. What a dummy!

Reject Cultural Relativism!

Have you read Geert Wilders's Marked For Death yet? Essential reading, friends!

"Oh, Aisha!"

I drew this for International Draw Mohammad Day 2017 and put it on Instagram. Hundreds of people liked it! I only wish more people would have joined in and made a drawing of Islam's 'Perfect Example for All Muslims', but the vast majority of cartoonists and artists are simply too scared to do draw him, and who could blame them?

[Currently reading: 'Marked For Death' by the great and fearless Geert Wilders.]


Peanut Butter Up Him

Islam = Poison

Envelope of the Month - November 2017

Good Mail Days have been on the rare side lately, the main reason being that since my savings ran out, my internet shopping addiction was miraculously cured!

Thankfully I still receive the occasional item from one of my comics/zine friends - at least, those REAL friends who haven't flushed me down the dunny for being politically incorrect.

Thanks to the Dith Dood for his great envelope containing more wonderful issues of Dithering Doodles! [Reviews to follow...]

Massive Phobia and My Frozen Lake Demon

I received a most pleasant surprise today when Edward from Massive Phobia contacted me to let me know my drawing for a competition they ran back in June had appeared again on their website in a piece by Laurel Leaside >>> Ghosts and Demons and Shadows! Oh My! | The Frozen Lake Demon

Thanks Edward, and thanks Laurel! It's so great to know that my art connected with some one, especially when it comes to addressing depression, since I can't think of any other state where one feels so alone and disconnected from Life.

Follow @massivephobia on Instagram.

Munster Times 22 [October 2017]

Matt Ryan, Contact: Munster_mag [at] hotmail [dot] com for ordering info and check out the Munster Times Facebook page Size: 11.75" x 8.25" Page count: 36

Yes! A new issue of my favourite Melbourne music zine! Good Mail Day indeed.

In this issue [dedicated to Matt's grandfather, Robert Hirt, "GO BOMBERS"]: in Matt's editorial he gives us some info on his hometwon of Dingley, which made the news recently when its Maccas burned down; in this instalment of 'Notes of a Teenage Gluesniffer' Matt tells us about his family holidays, and one in particular to Queensland ["Dreamworld was the dreams of someone who clearly doesn/t know me. A dreamworld and no record shop. Whoever designed that park failed."]; interviews with Bernie Carr, Liam Matthews [The Old Bar]; Belle Phoenix; and Powerline Sneakers; and a terrific review of Radio Birdman documentary Descent Into the Maelstrom. Contender for Funniest/Saddest piece in this issue is Matt's report/review - 'Pubs I've Been To So You Don/t Ave To Go' - of Melbourne's Waltzing Matilda Hotel ["This is not a pub bistro with pokies. It's a pokies place with a pub and food."].

Stratu Sucks! Throw His Comics Away!

Good Mail Day! ... Wait a minute...

Look at this>>>

This is from PJM/Node Pajomo. I like his mail art/zine reviews zine Node Pajomo but this makes me wonder if he will ever send me another copy :[

[A bit later...] I've been thinking about this. PJM read my diary comic and when he read this part he felt so strongly about it that he "threw it away". Well, he didn't throw it ALL away. He cut out this strip from Sunday 16 July 2017 and neatly glued it on to this pretty yellow piece of paper, and only THEN perhaps did he "threw it away". But did he really threw it away, or did he put it carefully in with the other papers and cardboards etc. for recycling? ...

I've gotta stop thinking about this crazy stuff! It's making me feel CrAzY!

Oh My! Comix #4 [2016]

"MORONIC ADULTS ONLY!" $5.00 40 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", Published by the Comix Company; Store: TheComixCompany.eCRATER.com

Featuring! Aaron Lange, Lee James Turnock, JTW ThinktankRX, Michael Amaral, Hugo, and the ringleader himself, Dexter Cockburn!

JTW's 'Gazmobot' is set on a spaceship that comes under attack from raiders of the Fungarian Army, who are only defeated once the crew provides a sufficient number of orgasms for the "orgasm-powered" Gazmobot. Makes sense! ... Aaron Lange's 'Pastor Dan' is a short slice of Aaron's childhood life with his mother working as a secretary for a small local church with Pastor Bob and Pastor Dan, the latter whom young Aaron liked more, and this story tells us why. What a refreshing pleasure it is to come across a comic dealing with a Christian/Christianity that isn't predictably nasty and dismissive. It's really a great example of the best of Lange's very human - and humane - Art [I can't help but be reminded of his Vietnam Vet story from Trim #1]. ... Dexter's 'Snoot the Aardvaark' 'snoots' cocaine off a catgirl's tits with an extremely bizarre, unpredictable result! ... Hugo has two illustrations on facing pages - one with a young woman surrounded by creepy dudes; the other an hold hag using a stick with a severed hand tied to it to remove various creatures - a lizard, a crab, a frog, God knows what else - from her... I'm stuck on this double [dark] 'fantasy', and I'm not even halfway through the book!

[Later... I just noticed that Aaron Lange's 'Pastor Dan' is the first story in his [Lange's] Trim #5 [next up on my review pile]. I wonder how Dexter feels about that? I know that as an editor myself [Sick Puppy Comix, Blackguard] it bugged me when an artist flopped an existing work off on me as their contribution. It always struck me as lazy, and even disrespectful, albeit unconsciously and unintentionally perhaps. Here's one reason why: Let's say a person is a big fan of your art. This guy loves your work so much that he's a completist - he must have everything you've drawn! But that anthology that you flopped your work off on, he doesn't need a copy of that. He's already got that strip. So that's one less copy of that anthology sold.]



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