Dithering Doodles #133 [Oct 2020]

16 pages, 22cm x 14cm, $2.00 or trade, Steven Anderson, 259 E 700 S, SLC UT 84111, USA + premiumdeluxe at hotmail dot com

16 pages, 22cm x 14cm, $2.00 or trade, Steven Anderson, 259 E 700 S, SLC UT 84111, USA + premiumdeluxe at hotmail dot com

Wotta pleasure to receive another packet of comics from the Dith Dood! Lately his creations are tormented by mosquitoes and spiders dropping in from above. Spiderwebs everywhere too! Of course WuFlu-shaped heads and creatures abound. This issue also features altered High School Yearbook ads from the '50s and '60s. I love these comics so much! But can the Dith Dood keep up such a prolific output? Let's hope so!

Zenyaku 4 - En Passant / Zwischenzug [June 2019]

32 pages, 26cm x 17cm, Shaun Craike [art] and Susan Torre [story], Visit the Facebook page for ordering info: www.facebook.com/Zenyaku ... Now that the series is complete, I believe that you can get the whole thing for a special price!

I regret that this review is somewhat late, since about a week ago Shaun sent me Zenyaku 5 - the final, concluding issue of this series. So this will be short and sweet [however I suggest you read my previous Zenyaku reviews - links below].

Here are more snappy one-liners ["No sudden moves there, Chump Norris!"]; more slicing and dicing [if this was in colour, there would be red splashes all over the place!]; more of Shaun's terrific art; and more unintentionally funny lines ["...killed for betraying the clan, and he is to take his father's place, whenever he likes it or not."]

Intrigued by this issue's subtitle, I learned that 'en passant' is a chess move involving a special pawn capture. So then I wasn't surprised to find out that 'Zwischenzug' is also a chess reference - an unexpected move played just before the expected move. Susan Torre must be a real chess enthusiast!

Biblio-Curiosa #9 : The Autobiographies and Memoirs Issue [August 2020]

56 pages, 21cm x 15cm, $7.00, Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA + chris.mikul88 at gmail dot com

I knew I was in for something special with this issue the second I read the subtitle. Let's get "no-nonsense businessman" EW Martell out of the way and we arrive at Seamus Burke and his 'entryism' [the opposite of 'escapsim'] and automatic drawings, originals of which he sent to King George, Churchill, Ghandi, Hitler, and Pope Pius XII. Then along comes proto feminist and half-arsed satanist Mary MacLane. She looked to the Devil to rescue her from her boring life. In fact, she wanted to marry him! HAW! ... Now here's something! G. Gordon Liddy! I didn't make it to the end of Chris's second page of his review of Liddy the Great's autobiography, 'Will', when I realised it was undoubtedly the Greatest Autobiography Ever Written, rocketed over to my PC, found a copy on ebay, and ordered it immediately. [TBC]

Munster Times #29

40 pages, 30 x 21cm, Matt Ryan, Contact: munster_mag at hotmail dot com + www.facebook.com/MunsterTimesZine

As you will gather from the terrific cover by Amy, Matt interviews Chad Morgan. I love what he wrote about Chad the Great in his editorial: "I love Chad Morgan, ave since I was a kid. When I said this recently someone said what as in a guilty pleasure? Im like no, as in he's a fucking legend and deserves all the respect in the world."

Next up, Matt pays tribute to wrestler Harley Race, admitting that it was this "mean SOB" that inspired Matt to grow sideburns.

Next is an interview with John Lawrance from "the Crystal Ballroom scene" - At one point he's talking about casting for Ghosts of the Civil Dead, and coming across some of the meanest motherfuckers on the planet in a Brunswick gym. "So I inspected there musicals and tattoos..." Tuff guys? Huh! Musicals? Sounds like a buncha faygits! XD

Following some poetry by Gemma, Matt interviews CJ Ramone - great stuff! He was somewhat of an oddball choice for The Ramones [as a replacement for Dee Dee] coming from life as a machinegunner in the Marines.

Finally, interviews with Plastic Section and [St Kilda supergroup] Dalicados.