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20 Years In Prison For Buying A Comic Book, $3000 Fine For Possessing A Simpsons Parody Animation

Thanks to Bougieman for making me aware of this case.

A US manga fan faces 20 years for simply ordering a comic from Japan. Read the excellent essay about it here written by two respected individuals from the North American manga publishing industry.

[Please consider donating to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF) who is defending Christopher Handley.]

It seems that every week these days brings a new story like this. In fact I clipped something from the Sydney Morning Herald on Thursday (9 Dec) to post about this weekend. An internet parody animation featuring the Simpsons kids engaging in sexual acts has landed a Sydney man, John McEwan) in hot water simply for having this animation on his computer. It's an animation, no children were harmed. Comix and animation involves pretend people who are drawn and do not exist in real life. Some people obviously have trouble getting this straight in their minds. In the same way, when you read about a murder in a novel, the novelist didn't commit that murder in real life, see? He or she just made it up using their imagination.

Here is a link to the Simpsons story.

A quote from Justice Michael Adams: "If the persons were real, such depictions could never be permitted," Justice Adams said in his judgment. "Their creation would constitute crimes at the very highest end of the criminal calendar."

But isn't that like saying that a novelist depicting the acts of a serial killer, if those acts were committed in real life, that would be breaking the law, and constitute crimes at the high end of the criminal calender?

Is that one of the most retarded statements you have ever heard or did I just read it wrong? I'd really like to get a second opinion on this.

Anyway, the result of this case, according to the SMH article, was that John McEwan was ordered by the court to pay a $3000 fine. If you ask me, the court should pay McEwan $3000 for wasting his goddamn time and behaving like such retarded arseholes.

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