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ButtRagMag #10

ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages (not including the sheets of toilet paper stapled inside), 11cm x 14cm, $? buttragmag13[at] 
If you're an assfan you've come to the right place. ButtRagMag focuses like a laser on butts and all booty-related bizniz. After an intro by editor Jaimie, Dexter Cockburn's strip 'Buttmeister Fuller!' features the butt-infatuated Buttmeister 'abusing' the latest issue of his favourite zine (ButtRagMag, of course!) There follows many pages where butts and bungholes are depicted in all their rear-ended glory. There's another Dexter strip ('Down The Ol' Rabbit Hole'), a Jaimie strip ('Bonerators in Punkass Grabbrs in Ballstown') and interviews with 'punk-ass' bands The Hickoids, The Chumps, and The Lower Class Brats. Best interview question and answer?
Q: What's your favourite toilet paper?
A: Joey from Lower Class Brats - "The kind that comes out of the freezer from having fire hole." 

Tags: buttrag mag, comix, dexter cockburn, reviews

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