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Goofy Funnies #3

ADULTS ONLY! 32 pages, digest size, by Dexter Cockburn, 
Fudster Pudwhacker is laid up in the school nurse's office, "What a drag!" he says. Well, knowing the horny hi-jinx Dexter's characters get up to, I'm sure it won't be a drag for too long. And surprise! It isn't! Enter student nurse Pickles (last seen in Goofy Funnies #2). She practices a pretty cool form of alternative medicine. ... Next up, Dexter ratchets up the weirdness factor with Bosco the bear on a picnic with his sweetheart - they soon get to getting it on under a tree, yet little do they know a beehive is above. The bees wonder what the heck is going on below, all that banging on their tree! The beehive falls and gets stuck on Bosco's head, he's still porking away but trying to get his head beehive-free. His sweetheart none the wiser, she's getting an extra buzz from Bosco's wild and desperate movements. ... Then an 'Arts & Crafts Dept. - Do-It-Yourself Tijuana Bible!' ... The next strip introduces a new (I think) character, Ugly Eunice. "The poor girl ... Body of a Greek goddess but a face like a can of smashed assholes." Reminds me of the Seinfeld 'Two-Face' episode. Haw! (Although I gotta admit I thought the 'ugly' Seinfeld Two-Face was still hot.) ...  There are two more strips ('strips', heh heh, geddit? huh? Strips? Me so funny!) - the Goombay Smasher with Trixie in 'Fuckin'' (subtle, right? nice.); and Marty Marz, space explorer ... he's good at exploring 'spaces' ... oh man, am I on a roll or what?
If you want hot, funny, smutty comix, Dexter's got the goods for you. Get some!
Tags: comix, dexter cockburn, goofy funnies, reviews

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