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Xerography Debt #31 [June 2012]

48 pages, digest size, $4.00, edited by Davida Gypsy Breier >>> davida [at] + >>> send your zine for review to Davida Gypsy Breier, PO Box 11064, Baltimore MD 21212, USA 
Last night after reading this, I wrote to three of the zinemakers reviewed, and I now realise that each time I mentioned that I read a review of their zine in the new XD#32. 32? Jumping ahead a bit there. Anyway, here's the new XD! So it looks like, after 2011 being the Year of the Revenge of Print, 2012 is the Year of the Revenge of the Revenge of Print. OK. But you better think of something else for 2013.
XD32 welcomes new reviewer and columnist Carlos Palacios. He lives in Germany but discovered zines in his native Peru. Awesome! Welcome aboard, Carlos! In his debut column, Carlos writes about the importance of words, especially the written word.
The other columns - Joe Biel reports on an e-book experiment conducted by his author wife after being urged by one of her Twitter followers to do so, that she would make a killing compared to print sales. Ha! Guess what. It didn't work out that way. ... Jeff Somers contemplates 'Zine Longevity' (most of the people doing zines when he started aren't doing 'em anymore). ... Al Burian reports on trying to live the punk life in Germany, culminating in a raid at the vegan restaurant where he worked. Yikes! ... To wrap up this issue's columns, Gianni Simone reviews Aftershock : Artists Respond to Disaster in Japan, the comics anthology Adam 'Sun Dogs' Pasion put together following the March 2011 tsunami.
Then 30 pages of zine reviews. Reviewers this time around: Anne Thalheimer, D. Blake Werts, Davida Gypsy Breier, Eric Lyden, Fred Argoff, Joe Biel, Julie Dorn, Liza Mason, and Stuart Stratu. (That's right! Me, that's who!) ... Interesting to compare this and last issue. A big page drop off here. XD31 had 64 pages. XD32 has 48. I thought it was a faster read than usual. I also notice some reviewers MIA: Gavin J. Grant, Kathy Moseley, Matt Fagan, and Maynard Welstand. Where they at?
Well, page count drop off and all, XD still has bang for your [4] buck[s], and if you're into zines (which you should be!) you will order a copy. And send your own zine in for review! ... What?! You don't have a zine! What's wrong with ya? Get fuckin' busy!
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