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Art Dummy #1

ArtDummy1 Art Dummy 1 p24 Celebrites de la Rue 
28 pages, 8.5" x 6", $5.00, by Pteri Dacht-Ullman >>> pterodactylman [at] 
A weird and wonderful collection of Pteri's drawings, comix, fake superheroes (and superheroines), 'Bad Taste Toys' (for example, Burns Unit Barbie and Crash Test Princess), Coffin Joe Funnies, and other cool stuff. Plus! It comes with a Free Gift! Celebrites de la Rue is a 20 page booklet (first printed in 1863) featuring illustrations of remarkable and singular French personages, like Le Persan, "Official heckler to the French Royal Family, Le Persan ('Leper San' as he was derisively called around the Japanese kabuki circuit) always kept a small toy albino pterodactyl perched atop his furry mega-fez as it seemed to attract young lady fans."
Tags: pteri dacht-ullman, reviews

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