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Zine World #31

ZW 31 ZW31 p9 
28 pages, 11" x 8.5", Single Issue: $4.00 US, $5.00 Canada/Mexico, $7.00 Worldwide Subscription $10.00 for 3 issues US, $13 Canada/Mexico, $18.00 Worldwide >>> New Address! PO Box 3556, Portland OR 97208, USA + jerianne [at] +
First of all, this issue features the most awesome stunning cover of any ZW to date. I can't find a credit for it though. Whoever was responsible, don't let 'em go! 
Second of all, I flip to page three - the first page of the letter column - and the first (and it's a long one) letter is from Elihu Edelson, editor of Both Sides Now zine. Man, he really rips into ZW reviewer Ryan Mishap over his review of BSN last issue. To Jerianne's credit, she defends Mishap in her reply, admitting that not everybody is gonna give your zine a glowing review, and that's why her policy is to hand out one person's zine to a different reviewer each time to get different perspectives. Anyway, so ZW31 gets off to a pretty exciting and dramatic start, which is soon followed by an excellent (and another long) letter from zinester James N. Dawson who fires a few shots of his own at overly precious and sensitive zinemakers. A great letter.
Another thing I noticed going back through this issue on the bus after work this afternoon (yeah I've had it for at least a month, but you know, nobody is surprised it takes some of us a while to get around to this stuff...) is how many reviewed zines I circled and emailed asking for trades, or just how to get a copy, but the shitty thing is most haven't even bothered to write back. What the fuck is up with that? I get an email from somebody wanting a copy of Blackguard or Grunted Warning and I write back as soon as I see it, man. Maybe it's because I live in Australia and these Americans think it might as well be four or five planets out from Earth. "Yikes! Australia? I don't think I can do that. ... Australia? ..." etc. whatever they think... Yes, I'm bitter! You send your damn zine out, so let's go crazy and assume you want other people to read it, right? Well, you might consider answering them when they write to you. If not, quit making zines and fuck off.
Ahem. OK now that's out of my system. Heh heh!
Another cool thing about ZW is the reprints of illustrations and stuff from zines reviewed. And the free classifieds are really great. Who has free classifieds? Nobody else, that's who.

P.S. Can you see images for ZW at the top or just thin strips? I'm serious. Something weird is going on with LiveJournal...
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