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Facebook Sucks! #3 [Nov 2011]

Facebook Sucks 3 
12 pages, 11" x 8.5", The Usual from Clark Dissmeyer, 917 E. 25th St. #5, Kearney NE 68847, USA 
Thanks to correspondent Cameron T. for recommending I write to Clark and trade zines. He said I would dig Clark's stuff and he was right! Facebook Sucks! is spookily similar to my own cut 'n' paste zine Grunted Warning, which is a good thing if you love strange, morbid, unusual news clippings. News items in this issue include 'Woman accused of cutting out fetus' and 'Man pleads to offering yogurt tainted with semen'. The grim stuff is nicely balanced with humour (Clark loves comics, and makes his own - reviews forthcoming...) and longer 'human interest' clippings like 'Perks of good handwriting'.
Wonderful! Recommended.

Tags: clark dissmeyer, facebook sucks!, reviews

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