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Saucer Smear Volume 59 No. 8

8 pages, 11" x 8.5", PO Box 1709, Key West FL 33041, USA + saucer_smear [at] 
I drew red felt tip boxes around two items in this issue, the first one is from a book review, 'Stalking the Tricksters - Shapeshifters, Skinwalkers, Dark Adepts, and 2012' by Christopher O'Brien. In the review, Smear editor James Moseley suggests his own definition of a trickster, dismisses the Scientology cult (and its Great Leader, L. Ron Hubbard) then quotes this passage from O'Brien's book:

"If I had to select the most tricksterish and influential hoaxes of all time, I would have a hard time not selecting the Bible, the Koran, and the Torah. These three books - all spawned from one individual, the biblical figure Abraham - have done more to adversely destabilize the world than any other causal element....In today's world, what else can rival the conflict of belief between Judeo-Christian and Islamic traditions?"

The second is a "Possible Paranormal Problem At Your Editor's Humble Key West Residence!" involving mysterious and unexplained door-knockings. [Something in this story was unintentionally amusing, yet nothing to do with the strange phenomena... the editor is in the habit of writing "We" when often meaning "I", so in this account it was funny to read, "Our bed is right next to the door of our ground floor studio apartment, so we can open it in a matter of seconds. There is never anyone there." So whose bed is it and how many people sleep in that bed? And we at Blackguard wonder how many people are living in this studio apartment?
Tags: reviews, saucer smear, ufology

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