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The Ripper Razzle Dazzle Big Book Of Fun And Stuff And More Stuff

RRDBigBookOfFun RRDBigBookOfFun faces 
268 pages, 11.5" x 8.5" by Andy Jones & David Puckeridge, published by ABC Books 
OK I know, this isn't a zine, but it does have loads of drawings by my comics pal David Puckeridge. It's an activity book! Remember those? And the coolest thing about this one is that it focuses on drawing activities, from filling in facial features, designing a baked bean can label (or cereal packet, or t-shirt), to drawing challenges like "Draw the worst monster you can imagine" and "Draw the worst thing you ever smelled". Christmas (or Festivus, whichever you celebrate) is coming up fast and I couldn't think of a better present for the primary school age kid in your family.
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