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Troy's Tales 5

TroysTales5 TroysTales5 p6-7 
36 pages, 8" x 6", $?, Troy Mingramm, PO Box 1901, Cronulla NSW 2230, AUSTRALIA 
Troy's back after many years away from comix, so it's wonderful to find his exact same extremely spazzy style and highly unorthodox spelling.
Troy's Tales 5 begins with the story of Troy as a kid laying cable behind his cubby house, then revisiting the stinky scene day after day, and his observations of the diminishing poop and increase in fly population. Then a longer story where he and his mate Ashley tormented his little sister Yolanda by subjecting her to a recreation of a segment from the show You Can't Do That On Television. But there's more in store for gullible guinea pig Yolanda! Troy makes her a cocktail of Vegemite, ice cream, peanut butter,.orange juice, milk, and some of his brother's poop. This comic takes childish perversion and cruelty to new depths (which is great for us readers!)
I've always loved Troy's comix, so it's great to have him back.
Tags: comix, reviews, troy mingramm

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