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Dexter Cockburn

Big thanks to Robin Bougie who recently made me aware of Dexter Cockburn and his wonderful comix. I got a couple from him in the mail the other day!

Like a bacon sandwich, there's a lot of porking going on here. It seems to all be done in some kind of loving tribute to '70s underground comix. Dexter even notes the publishing years as 1970, 1977, etc. Some of the scenarios also have that atmosphere of '70s 'stag films' featuring moustachioed pool cleaners and pizza delivery boys, but Dexter also throws in sci-fi elements, with muddle-brained spaceship captains and nymphomaniac, Swedish ball-breasted aliens. There's a lot happening, and it's all drawn in a very appealing style.

Why not go and check out more of his stuff at his website.

And I'm very pleased to annouce that Mr Cockburn will be featured in the next issue of Blackguard! [Blackguard #2 : Father -- out March 2009]
Tags: dexter cockburn, kozmix kaper komix, reviews, spunk comics

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