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Blackguard #2 : Father - Call For Contributions

Guess what? It's time to get cracking on our second issue, Blackguard #2, and the theme for this one is 'Father'!

Some exciting things have already happened on that score, one of which is that I've re-established communications with The J Man (who wrote some fine columns for Sick Puppy Comix) and he's gonna be in there; another of which is I've already received a hilarious strip from Dexter Cockburn which will be in there too. And yet another of which is that Ryan Vella (another SP 'vet') sent me some really great stuff.

Even at this early stage it's plain to see that the 'father' theme is inspiring rich material indeed. It's really shaping up to be a killer issue.

I had told various people that the deadline was to be the end of February, but January is almost over already, and I have received some feedback that it's not enough time, so now the deadline is Friday the 13th of March.

Anything from one to three pages is ideal, and you can send good quality photocopies or email JPEGS to me at sstratu [at] gmail [dot] com

[Also, if you haven't got a copy of Blackguard #1 yet don't wait much longer because they are a limited print run of 250 copes. You can order one by PayPal $5.00AUS for Aussies or $5.00USD for everybody else, use the sstratu [at] gmail [dot] com email for Paypal payments. You can also send well-concealed cash through the mail to me at Blackguard, PO Box 93 Paddington NSW 2021 Australia.]
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