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Guest Review by Sid Clark: Turgid Comics #1 & #2

Turgid Comix 1 Turgid Comix 2

$4.00 each, by Dexter Cockburn,
This is smug, smirking, Asperger's nerd porn. This is porn for nerds who never matured past the age of 12 and who never had to prove their adulthood or manhood by doing anything more difficult than pushing buttons on a keyboard. This is porn for nerds who think the name Cockburn is funny because it signifies a burning cock. This is porn for nerds whose ideal, fantasy dream girl is a brainless, balloon-titted bimbo they can walk up to and unceremoniously stick their dick in.
This is porn for nerds who think "Peoria" is cute; or Scooby-Doo type characters saying "gosh", "golly" and "jeepers"; or a scientist exclaiming "ye gads!"; or a Louisiana Cajun exclaiming "lawks a mussy!" when he orgasms; or people in Brooklyn saying "shaddap", "da", "dat" and "dere" and having a fetish for Archie Bunker.
Cockburn is an unabashed comics history nerd. His comics are full of irritating and distracting retro style flourishes. Many of his backgrounds and inanimate objects have more personality and substance than his cartoon characters.
Cockburn tries to sell himself as being an heir to the 70's underground comic book tradition. Maybe so, but I was 18 in 1971 and I bought over a hundred underground titles and I'm here to tell you they weren't that great. You had to be stoned to enjoy most of them.
Personally, I prefer narrative porn, such as Titian Beresford. Narrative porn lets me conjure up my own mental images. But for cartoon fetish fun I prefer the on-line pros, such as Prissy, Sorenutz and Dezam.
In summary, this is some of the most obnoxious and insulting crap I ever read.
Tags: comix, dexter cockburn, reviews, sid clark

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