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Confessions Of A Rookie Filmmaker #1

CoaRF1 CoaRF1 p12
20 pages, comic book size, by Clint Cure >>>
What a pleasure it was to receive these three comics from Q-Ray, documenting his switch from comic-making to movie-making. And it's perfect that he has done so in comic form.
This first issue covers Clint's first exposure to filmmaking when his father sold his horse (?!) to buy him a Super 8 camera; drawing comics and swapping them with other comic people through the mail; making a doco on local comic artists (Comic Book Virus); comics activities in a share house with John Weeks, Michael Fikaris, Gregory Mackay; getting a job teaching 2-D animation; his first film; many fights with his wife who eventually left; his relationship with (the way he draws her at least) an extremely cute raver girl; and winning an award for his short animated film The Lecture.
Really great.

Here's a link to a page promoting the launch of CoaRF with trailer for Hanging At Picnic Rock.

And here's Comic Book Virus episode 1 from YouTube.

P.S. I checked out the indyplanet link, they seem to only have CoaRF#2 available. And they got the page count wrong.
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