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Brendon : A Coming Of Age Story

Brendon by Greg Farrell Brendon p8-9

NOT FOR CHILDREN - 28 pages, 7.5" x 5", $3.00, by Greg Farrell, + + doctormobogo [at] gmail [dot] com
It was really great to receive this comic from Greg. Of course I remember him and his terrific Yo! Burbalino comics from a few years ago. Well, now he's being published by somebody called Pronto Comics, and his new comic looks real good. Nice glossy paper, very good print job, and a nice small easy to read size. Content-wise, this looks like the first issue of a series about the high school life of Brendon and his pal (can't find a name in here...) doing the regular kinds of stuff high school age boys do, like swapping Pez for porno magazines, faking poisoning in the school cafeteria, jerking each other off, that kind of stuff.
Greg has really jumped a couple of levels here. This is very good indeed. I can't wait for the second issue.
Tags: comix, greg farrell, reviews
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