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The Kobb Log #6

The Kobb Log 6
36 pages, 11 x 8.5", selected trades I'd say - mainly for other B-movie zines, Dr. Bill, Kobb Labs, PO Box 30231, Pensacola FL 32503, USA
The monkeys at the lab have run amok, so Dr. Bill has handed the bulk of this issue's content to Jim Ivers, who does an excellent job, starting with his Aliens Invade Hollywood: A Brief History (Part 3), a terrific 7-page look at alien-focused movies from the '70s to the present day (that is, movies such as Super 8, Prometheus, and Battleship).
The other excellent Ivers piece is his The Lost World of Prehistoric Women That Time Forgot, covering cavegirl movies from the '50s to the present. This was a real joy to read, with Jim's witty and hilarious comments coming thick and fast. Here's an example from his review of Italian gem 'When Women Had Tails' [1970]: "...since spy films were becoming passe, the nation that gave us Fascism and Roberto Benigni returned to its old stock-in-trade: unfunny sex comedies. The story was co-written by the eccentric whack-job Lina Wertmuller."
Dr. Bill himself kicks the issue off with a great introduction followed by Mailing Comments relating to the long-running Southern Fandom Press Alliance #292. [The Log is in fact part of this, but obviously Dr. Bill makes it available as a stand-alone zine.]
This is an easy recommendation for anybody into B-grade, genre, or exploitation movies. Really great stuff. It made my bus rides to and from work pass much too quickly.


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Jan. 4th, 2014 03:28 pm (UTC)
Log-ing in
Thanks for the fine write up on Kobb Log #6. Your website is very well designed and full of interesting content. I hope the Diabolical Doctor Kobb is sending you recent issues as well. Issue 7 is devoted to Halloween with my memories on that holiday plus an article on vampire films inspired by the "Carmilla" novella. Issue 8 has a massive 22-page history of the jungle girl film genre from the 20s to the present. (A companion piece to my Cavegirl article with more subversive humor.) I wrote two articles (plus reviews) for Issue 9, due out next month. These are: The films of John Agar and movies about the children of Dracula. Future issues will cover giant bug flicks of the '50s, films based on "The Most Dangerous Game", horror films about psycho families, a Hammer vs. Universal comparison, campy space-ploitation, and other cheesy fringe movie genres. Plus scholarly reviews of god-awful films no one in their right mind would consider watching.

With the sudden passing of Tom Crites and his excellent Paniscus Revue, the Log has no exposure to speak of on the Internet. So, I hope in the future more issues of this mag, which I am happy to be associated with, can take up residence in your Stratu-sphere.

- Jim Ivers
Feb. 18th, 2014 12:27 am (UTC)
Re: Log-ing in
Hey Jim,
Thanks for your comments about the blog. Glad you like it. I recently posted a short review of The Kobb Log #8, but somehow missed out on #7 although Dr Bill did send me it. Last year I got behind with the reviews and aim to get back on top of them this year.
I really like your writing. Look forward to more...
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