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Anti-Civ Dictums [Version 2]

ACVversion2 ACD v2 Hulk vs Breasts

24 pages, 8.5 x 5.5", the usual, Sid Clark, sidclark1953 [at] gmail [dot] com + 319 Brockway Ave., Morgantown WV 26501, USA

This is a new version of Sid's pamphlet/zine/manifesto [my review of the original is here], still including his theory that the Modern World is founded on an unspoken article of faith that asserts the primacy of dead things, and advice to move away from cities to rural areas. There are also many 'Sid axioms', like 'If mothers really loved their children they wouldn't send them to school', ‘Only the carnal world exists', 'All scientists are mad', and many more. However, in this new edition Sid has included a bunch of (uncredited) photos and drawings, one of which is a Hulk figurine holding up a pair of large, real breasts. I stand by my final comment at the end of the original review of A-CD: I can't recommend Anti-Civ Dictums highly enough to freethinking readers, those who value the 'eccentric crazies' dismissed by the sheeple of the world.
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