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The Filth #6 - Spring 2012

The Filth 6 Spring 2012

28 pages, 11" x 8.5", edited by Karley Bayer - email address and website don't seem to be active any more. Anybody know if this zine is still going?

[Note: I'm really behind with this one - I traded with Karley back in 2012 and only yesterday excavated this and other zines.]

The Filth is a literary zine anthology out of Baltimore, the contributors (seems to be a consistent group although newcomers are welcome) let their dark sides out in their stories. Each issue has a theme. This issue started out with 'Sex Toys' as the theme but for some reason opened up to include non-sex toy-themed stories. Some of the stories in here are pretty good, like 'The Art of Love' by Adrian Stone:

'This area - shit, this whole town - once belonged to men whose arms were inflated not with spinach, but hard work from hauling in salt cod and shipping out tobacco. Those men whose cocks were hard the moment the boatlines were tied...'

Each issue comes with a mix CD. Here it's by The Dutch Bastard and there's also an interview with him. His influences are KISS, The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, lots of hardcore DJs, Joey Beltram, Slayer, and "too much to mention".
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