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Blackguard #2 : Father - Deadline Extension

Friday the 13th has been and gone but I still haven't got everything I need for the new issue, so I'm gonna have to extend it a bit.

Strips have been coming in though and this Father issue is shaping up to be something special. Family Busey (pictured) got a secret preview the other day and you only need to check out their facial expressions to know how impressed they were, and Family Busey are not easily pleased let me tell you.

Here are the confirmed contributors at this stage: Anton Emdin, Gerard Ashworth, Julie Doye, Josh Simmons, Neale Blanden, Dexter Cockburn, Donny Rat, Josef Fritzl, Chris Mikul, Rowan Tedge, SCAR, Ryan Vella, and Doug Iannucci.

It will be worth the wait, that's for sure.

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