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Postcard By Sub-Real Alchemy + Letter From Incredible Inquirys

Sub-Real Alchemy front Sub-Real Alchemy back

After a long bastard day at work it sure is a pleasure to find cool stuff in my post office box, like Exhibit A here - a postcard from Sub-Real Alchemy. Real paint. Real cardboard from beer box. Thanks, David Stanley Aponte!

But not only that! This also arrrived!

Incredible Inquirys 210514

Exhibit B - Mysterious item from another never-before-heard-of Postal Perpetrator. Inredible Inquirys. I'm drinking beer tonight so when I do I will come back and report on the contents...

[Later...] Okay here's what  was inside:

Incredible Inquiry Catalog 16

It's a big tabloid-size newsprint of four pages - a spoof of self-help courses like Scientology's Dianetics. Although this series of 'Modern Human Text' Courses were much more affordable than L Ron's, since you could get all six of these for the bargain price of $270.
Tags: envelope art, mail art, postcards

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