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Jerks by Nicky Minus cover Jerks by Nicky Minues p18-19

36 pages, 8" x 6", Nicky Minus >>>

At Other Worlds zine fair last Sunday I kept seeing people walking around carrying this comic. Hard to miss with colours like that. And what a GREAT title! So, naturally I asked the next person I saw who had a copy where they got it and went and got one for myself from Nicky Minus herself! I read it on the bus home that night. Other busriders were mumbling and pointing, jealous as HELL that they didn't have a copy and I did. Ha ha! Jerks! Shoulda gone to the zine fair, eh? Anyway, every page is bursting with colour here, from a distance it looks very happy happy, but it's actually very sick sick.That means it's great great! In the Jerks! world, people at stupid parties just wish they could be drunk already; girls in a fast food joint spot the famous Swiss Cheese Masturbator; bestiality is okay so long as there is more than one viewer and they both remain clothed; and grandparents are kept in cages. ... Over on Nicky's tumblr blog website thingo she says she will send you a raunchy love note when you buy a copy. Pretty good deal! Super glossy funny twisted comic with raunchy love note combo for you, big boy! Or big girl!
Tags: jerks!, nicky minus, reviews
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