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Extra Mild Comix

Extra Mild Comix Extra Mild Comix p3

12 pages, 8.5" x 6", $3.00 from David Puckeridge, PO Box 491, Freshwater NSW 2096, AUSTRALIA + puckeridgedavid [at] gmail [dot] com

In the weeks leading up to the Other Worlds zine fair, David went into lockdown in order to get this comic ready, working mindbending 23-hour days, and somehow still managing his postie run at Lexus Point [not the correct name, but it's something like that...]. It was worth it because EMC has some terrific single page strips. The first one takes aim at Aussie folk rockers Boy and Bear, revealing them to be a bunch of dead set NUMBNUTS. The next strip examines the Morpheus-like effect of televised Winter Olympics. That one is followed by a revelation in eight panels of the amazing similarities between Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. ... There's much more. Great job!
Tags: comix, david puckeridge, reviews

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