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Harvey the 29th #13

Harvey the 29th 13 Harvey the 29th 13 p9

28 pages, 8.5" x 6", by Tinman Johnson, email for ordering info >>> pieeyedproductions [at] yahoo [dot] com + + watch the videos on YouTube

[Note: I've got a 'history' with Tinman and his Harvey comics, which you can find out about here and here. He's a nice guy no doubt about it, and it's always a pleasure to shoot the shit with him at the latest zine fair. At Other Worlds he gave me his most recent issues of Harvey the 29th and assured me I was welcome to write anything I wanted - I could be BRUTAL! Ha ha. We'll see what happens. So far I've only read #13, reviewed below. Then I'm going to work my way back from #12-10...]

There's grim news from the Mayor of Denholm [Robot] City: all technology more than three years old will be trashed in order to make way for the advancement of new technologies. That's gonna hit Harvey particularly hard since his robot girlfriend [and peanut butter addict] Marny is more than three years old! Harvey rushes home only to see Marny forcibly taken away. The chase is on! Will Harvey find Marny in time to save her from the trash compactor?

A language warning: Harvey utters some extraordinary profanity during this drama, like "Aw, beans!"; "Ah, horses!"; and "Three bean mix!"

Technically, drawing-wise, Tinman seems to use pencils but no inks, so that some lines are barely there. It looks unfinished, or like pages from a sketchbook. I don't know if that's the intention or not, but something worth noting anyway.
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