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Dailies 4

Dailies 4 cover Dailies 4 Ross Tesoriero Dailies 4 Q-Ray Dailies 4 Stratu

68 pages, 10.5" x 7.5", $10.00, edited by Michael Fikaris for Silent Army >>>

Wow here's the new Dailies 4! The only reason I know about this title was because I was invited to contribute to it. It's confusing because it's Dailies 4, but inside it says "Volume 2 of Dailies". So, does that mean there are more than four back issues? This Silent Army is Mysterious!

Anyway, this has got some really great comics in it. Like any anthology, half is really good and half is really shithouse. Or is that too strong a word? No, half is REALLY shithouse. Ha ha! But the half that is GOOD means this one is absolutely worth getting. New comic strips I loved from people I know: Ross Tesoriero, Clint Qray, Jase Harper, Gregory Mackay, Dan Cross + Michael Fikaris, Mandy Ord, and Simon [James] Hanselmann. .. And comic strips from people I had never heard of: Magic Sweater, Jerome Behan, Chris Cudby, and David Mahler.

That cover is so great. It's by Ghostpatrol and Jagi [whoever they are ... it sounds like an Electro-Doom/Dubstep outfit]. The inside pages are like newsprint, so watch out because the ink comes off on our fingers. But that's cool. It's like reading a really cool newspaper!
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