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Harvey the 29th #12

Harvey the 29th 12 Harvey the 29th 12 p4

24 pages,  8.5" x 6", by Tinman Johnson, email for ordering info >>> pieeyedproductions [at] yahoo [dot] com + + watch the videos on YouTube

This issue begins with Aussie poet Robert Gray's Flame and Dangling Wire visually interpreted by Tinman, featuring Harvey and Marny visiting the dump with its "landscape of tin cans" and "cars like skulls..."This was pretty good! But Tinman, why don't you ink your pencils? ... Next up, 'A Day in the Life of Charles the Upper Class Horse' ... Harvey and Marny are driving around when, to Harvey's extreme dismay Marny neglects to indicate before a turn. Cue a visit from Indicator Gator! ... Finally, Some Facts About Coconuts. I didn't know that coconuts were invented in the early nineteenth century by Satan! Huh. ... An entertaining issue, but pencils could have done with some ink.
Tags: harvey the 29th, reviews
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