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Harvey the 29th #11

Harvey the 29th 11 Harvey the 29th 11 p20-21

28 pages, 8.5" x 6", by Tinman Johnson, email for ordering info >>> pieeyedproductions [at] yahoo [dot] com + + watch the videos on YouTube

 This one is an origin issue, revealing how Harvey and Marny met. Turns out it was a simple misunderstanding about peanut butter! ... A warning: some 'rodents' are violently despatched by Harvey in this issue, but we later learn they were not rodents. ... The pencils in this issue have been inked! This makes subsequent issues even stranger, it's as though Tinman tried inking his pencil and didn't like the result, so went back to strictly pencils. A mystery...
Tags: harvey the 29th, reviews

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