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Blackguard - Comix & Zine Reviews

One of the most enjoyable parts of putting together an issue of Sick Puppy was always writing the comix and zine reviews, so naturally I'm totally looking forward to doing a big chunky comix and zine review section for Blackguard #1. That's good for me, and it's also good for you if you make your own comic or zine! Having been frozen at the bottom of a lake for so long, I am completely out of touch with the 'zine scene', but I have it on reliable authority (big grateful shout-out to Pirochan here!) that not only is there some kind of resurgent and flourishing scene, but people are still making REAL paper comics and zines you can read on the bus, and shove up your nostrils to inhale the intoxicating toner fumes!

While I am now working overtime catching up on what's happening out there, I'm also relying on folks to put the word out - if you make a comic or zine, you need to send a copy to:

PO Box 93
Paddington NSW 2021

The deadline is 31 August 2008, which gives me September to put it all together (and beat any stragglers savagely until they produce the goods, of course!) to take a gigantic load up to Newcastle for the annual zine fair on 5 October 2008.
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