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Blackguard #1 Feedback

Got a very nice email recently about Blackguard #1:

'I absolutely loved Anton's cover. Seriously, he could get published by Mad magazine. His style is perfect; he's got caricatures down pat. And his style is a pleasure to look at. Not a line wasted. I also liked 'Praise Yer Sinnin' And Pass The Ammunition!' [by Gerard Ashworth - Ed.], but I couldn't read it all, due to a combination of old eyes, pixel resolution, and ignorance about how to enlarge the enlarged image. I loved to death Mike Diana's strip. He's just great. Period. Too bad, Mad would never publish him, but that doesn't diminish him one iota. I liked all the strips, in fact. Who drew the Czech Republic one? [That was Hugo - Ed.] That was great artwork.' - D.I.

Thanks for the feedback! Hope you enjoy our next issue as much!

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