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Skitzophrenic Sausage

Skitzophrenic Sausage Skitzophrenic Sausage p17

ADULTS ONLY! 52 pages, 11.5" x 8", $3.00, Troy Mingramm, PO Box 1901, Cronulla NSW 2230, AUSTRALIA +

Spoiler alert! Trent Frog and Skitzophrenic Sausage are bored so they decide to kill themselves. They arrive in Hell where a gang bang of Marilyn Monroe is taking place. Elvis makes a very brief appearance before Satan himself arrives. Mr Sausage and Satan trade insults then Sausage convinces Satan he should go up to Earth and become a comedian because he's so funny. Well, he does exactly that! But guess where his first venue is? That's right! A church! And his audience is three nuns!

If you're rolling around on the floor laughing your guts up at this point, then have I got a comic for you! You lucky devil! You're welcome to my copy, even! [If you're in Aussie that is - overseas postage is BULLSHIT.] Just write something funny in the Comments!
Tags: comix, reviews, troy mingramm

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