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Troy's Tales #6

Troys Tales 6 Troys Tales 6 p2

28 pages, 8" x 6", $2.00, Troy Mingramm, PO Box 1901, Cronulla NSW 2230, AUSTRALIA +

This is a true tale of Troy visiting a nightclub and hooking up with a young lady who, when the nightclub closes at three a.m., invites him back to her place. All they have to do is catch a bus with all the other "pissed wankers" then the young lady will make a phone call and somebody will pick them up. But who picks them up? Yes, you guessed it! The young lady's father! Haw! Without giving away any spoilers I'll just say that Troy reveals why Lust is known as one of the seven deadly sins [he narrowly avoids being eaten by a big dog].
Tags: comix, reviews, troy mingramm

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