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Zine Wiki

I got a tip today from Mister Beautiful about an excellent resource, Zine Wiki, a big zine database/encyclopedia which is a part of the wonderful Wikipedia (which I use all the time). So after checking it out, tonight I have been busy making Blackguard and Sick Puppy Comix pages. At this early stage they are somewhat boring, a 'Just the facts, ma'am' kind of thing, but will be added to with anecdotes and trivia and all kinds of fun stuff in the coming weeks. Well, that's the idea anyway. Anybody who was/is involved please feel free to add stuff if you like. And if you have your own comic or zine go and make your own page! We live, then die and are forgotten, but there's always a tiny chance our work may live a bit longer if we're lucky.
Tags: blackguard, comix, mister beautiful, sick puppy comix, zine wiki, zines

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