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Ssex 3 cover Ssex 3 Slave Guitars

28 pages, 11.5" x 8.5", by Leon >>> leon2640 [at] yahoo [dot] com for ordering info

It has taken me bloody ages to get around to this. What a slack shit! I even had a text message back-and-forth with Leon where he told me how to get a copy, but that must have been on my previous phone which no longer works because the fucking touchscreen will not recognise TOUCH. [Unrequited. *Blub!*]

Anyway, first of all, that cover could easily mislead you into the assumption that this zine is a collection of cosplay photos, and wouldn't that be wonderful! To have such a zine! It really would, but this is not that. Rather, it is a collection of interviews Leon conducted with three people - filmmaker Charles Nauman; artist and avant garde composer Peter Tyndall; and first-wave Aussie punker John Murphy.

Tags: leon, reviews, sexx

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