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Hiroshima Yeah! #111 - May 2014

HY May 2014

5 pages, 12" x 8.5". The Usual, contact HY! at donbirnam [at] hotmail [dot] com

The first thing I do now when I receive a new issue of HY! is circle my favourite poems. Here's one of them:

Future Junkies
I see them pushing their prams
and I don't think
those are the future scientists,

instead I think
those are the future junkies,

The sun shines down
upon them.

Isn't it funny how doom and bleakness and negativity can inspire positive, relaxing, calming, even joyous feelings in some of us? Of course, it usually seems to work that way with those who have been through Hell. You know, they may have been frozen at the bottom of the lake, or chased around the neighbourhood by that black fucking dog. Some of us, nah really, not shitting ya, don't drink beer for the taste but for the medicinal benefits! ... Example!: Two boxes of beer, different brands, same price, but one is 4.6% alc/vol and the other is 5%. Which one do you choose? Eh? Eh? Some would scratch their head, rub their chin, and carefully weigh up the differences, but not me. It's 5 per cent, baby!

What does this all mean anyway in relation to Hiroshima Yeah!? Well, I may be wrong, although I doubt it, but I believe Mark and Gary would go for 5%.
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