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Zine World Review Of Blackguard #1

"Blackguard #1: Back at the turn of the century, Sick Puppy was one of the
most inspiring (not to mention offensive) comic zines in the world. It was
thought-provoking and provocative. Then it went away. Now, editor Stratu
has returned. So, what has changed? Well, not much: it’s still using the
same core group of artists (mainly Australian but Mike Diana’s also got a
new one-page strip in it, too), it’s still offensive, and it’s still good.
PO Box 93, Paddington NSW, 2021, Australia,,
sstratu [at] gmail [dot] com  [$5 AUD, e-mail for price if from overseas 96XS :15]"
–Dann Lennard

[Thanks Dann! - Stratu]
Tags: blackguard #1, reviews, zine world
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