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The Portable NMSD [Not My Small Diary]

TPNMSD cover TPNMSD Sam Spina p5of6

212 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", $7.50 + shipping [US $3.50; Canada $6.50], contact Delaine Derry Green >>> DELANGEL3 [at] hotmail [dot] com +

After 17 issues of Delaine's Not My Small Diary anthology, here's a real actual perfect bound book collection!

I arrived late to this party, sad to say, only coming in at issue 16. But that first introduction made a big impact on me. That issue had the theme 'Brushes With Celebrity' and included a strip by Box Brown about spotting Louis CK. Back then [May 2010] I didn't know who Louis CK was, and this strip inspired me to find out. ... And this is only from reading one issue of NMSD. I can only imagine how many other stories people fondly recall connected to Delaine's comics anthology.

With me, it's only the comics and zines I REALLY enjoy that I go to the trouble of circling things in and making marks and underlinings and comments, and this was one of them. [see scanned Contents page below.] I was reading TPNMSD on the bus to and from work and every time one of the strips really hit me in the guts, I drew a circle next to it in the Contents page. It's not a huge percentage of them [26%] but I was tough! ... Big shout out to Sam Spina! ... High fives to John Porcellino, Misun Oh, Ben Snakepit, Dave Kiersh, Julia Wertz, Max Clotfelter, Sarah Oleksyk, Alixopulos, Hellen Jo, De Kwok, Kevin Van Hyning, Donna Barr, Brad Dale, MariNaomi, Jeff Zenick, Kevin Friend, Adam Pasion, Carrie McNinch, Noah Van Sciver, Jess Smart Smiley, and Shawn Granton!

If you get one perfect bound diary comics anthology collection this year, make it this one.

TPNMSD contents
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