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Last Night At The Casino #8

LNatC 8 July 2014 LNatC 8 July 2014 Louis

40 pages, 5.5" x 4", by Billy Roberts >>> iknowbilly [at] gmail [dot] com +

The only person I know who works at a casino also does a zine about it, and that's Billy, and this is the new issue of his zine, Last Night at the Casino. This time Billy teamed up with his friend Chris. For years they have been pen pals, sending each other letters and drawings and stuff through the mail. Billy really loves Chris's drawings so he had the idea to write short descriptions of some of the characters who come through the casino, and send them to Chris to draw them, not having any idea what these people actually look like, just working from the descriptions. Pretty cool. The result is a winner [Haw! Get it? Casino? Winner?]. Billy's right: Chris's drawings are really great, and Billy's descriptions are so funny. Example:

"Edna. She's short, in her 50s, with a face full of pock marks and scars. Her glasses are huge, and it's sort of tough to tell if she's male or female. Very nice, but never tips, so she can fuck off with her bad complexion and all. Rarely plays craps but when she does she'll play for 8 or 9 hours straight."

Next day... I finished reading this at work and when I saw the 'Karl' page I knew I had to add it...

LNatC 8 July 2014 Karl
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