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Blackguard #5 : the Science issue

BG5 cover BG5 Contents

Dear Blackguard Comix fans,
I should have posted this email long before now, like for example, closer to back in May when the two boxes of Blackguard #5: the Science issue arrived from Printmaster Theo. What can I say? I need more staff! ... It's lonely here all by myself!
Anyway, Blackguard 5 is ready for your inspection - featuring a Scientifically Awesome cover by Glenno Smith, back cover by Michael Em, inside covers by Michael Amaral and SCAR, comix by Ross Tesoriero, Chris Mikul, Shaun Craike, Neale Blanden, Leigh Rigozzi, Ryan Vella, SCAR, Bize, Giles Kilham & Brett Weekes, David Puckeridge, Julie, Kapreles, Stratu; and short stories by Damian McDonald and Drew Gates. Plus nine pages of comix and zine reviews by me.
Get your copy by sending $6.00 [if you're in Australia] or $8.00 [if you're a Foreigner] Pay Pal to or cash money to Stratu, PO Box 35, Marrickville NSW 2204, AUSTRALIA.
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