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Text Hallucinations

Text Hallucinations Text Hallucinations p8-9

24 pages, 6.5" x 4.5", from Furtive Labors [edited by Alec Essefic] >>>

[Thanks to Sid Clark for sending me this one.]
    Here's a collection of story ideas culled from the notebooks of science-fiction and horror writer Fiada Fey [1980-2008].
No need for the expanded novel-length version - these sketches are perfect as they are.
    A few of my favourites:

Plateau Sigma
A recreational cough-syrup user contacts city officials to report cloud-like lifeforms constructing a crystalline tower without a permit.

Slideshow from a Strange Eden I Once Visited
As a man's psychedelic mushroom experience begins to subside, he takes Polaroids of the otherworldly landscapes and alien architecture he's hallucinating before returning to baseline consciousness.

Hopeless Doomed Cycle of Death
A sadistic alien goo-like entity that derives pleasure from human suffering stalks a man recently discharged from a psych ward.
Tags: aliens, drugs, furtive labors, mental illness, pinball machines, reviews, robots, sex

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