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Crippa XXX Almquist Comics Feedback - by Sid Clark

All comic text is in English unless otherwise noted.
Dollmatrix cover* Dollmatrix: Crippa's portion is total eye-candy. Collaborators' material is kind of bland. Crippa's material is very textured and solid looking. Everything is very dark and grotesque and nightmarish, but in a pleasing way. The overall form is of drawn collages of semi-related images. There is some minimal anti-industrial/consumer-society text. Similar artists: Henriette Valum, Basil Wolverton and Rick Griffin. Large format, many pages. Yay! I look forward to many hours of soaking up all the detail in these images.

* Schwarz Metal Wald: Solid, dark, grotesque, obscene drawn collages. Very good. Medium format, few pages. Boo! Wish there were more. Collaborator is an excellent match in this instance.

* Kein Mamph! - An Anti-Nazi Comic: This was a real bummer for me. The art was minimal and the subject matter was taken way too seriously. The best thing about this was the biographical material about Crippa in the back.

* Slasher Whore Goes Psych: This zine is way too tiny. Not much bigger than a postage stamp. It's very thin, too, only 12 pages including the covers. The art is minimal, just a couple images and some text with black, jagged filler. The violent and sadistic text is supposedly taken from Julie Strain, the horror movie star. Seems kind of weird that she would say these things but I don't really care one way or the other. There's a couple pages towards the end about how censors suck. I get the impression this little item was a quickie put out in order to somehow bait and insult the censors.

* Renate (re-born?) #13: Gnadenlos dem Gnadigen (the gracious mercy?): Compilation comic zine. Color cover, B&W interior. The theme seems to be about Jesus. The cover shows a couple big-eyed Hentai waifs. Artwork is only so-so and since I can't read German  the various pieces inside don't do much for me. Crippa's 2 pages are not his best; the second page is two small, cramped and crowded.

* Renate #14: Arbeit: Compilation comic zine. Color cover, B&W interior. Theme: work. Artwork is only so-so and I can't read German so most of the material is a loss. Crippa's 2 pages are alright but he tries to cram too much into too small a space. Crippa really needs a lot of space to really shine.

* Renate #19: Teenage: Compilation comic zine. Color cover, B&W interior. Theme: end of teenage. Crippa does the front and back covers and the front one is gorgreous, the back one is just OK. The rest of the zine is depressing. It's printed on stiff, dull grey/green paper. Every contributor is given one page and each page is comprised of 4 panels, all the same uniform size throughout. Crippa's page is alright but 2 of the 4 panels just repeat the cover images. The only other artist I liked was Olaf M. Braun. Couldn't read the German text, as usual.
Tags: crippa xxx almqvist, reviews, sid clark

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