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Biblio-Curiosa #5 : The Children's Book Issue

Bibio Curiosa 5 Biblio Curiosa 5 Coles Funny Picture Book

56 pages, 8" x 6", $5.00, Chris Mikul, PO Box K546, Haymarket NSW 1240, AUSTRALIA + cathob [at] zip [dot] com [dot] au

The latest issue of Chris's excellent zine about "Unusual writers / Strange books" is the Children's Book Issue.

Featuring a fascinating and well-researched ten-page piece on Melbourne bookseller E.W. Cole and his legendary and still-in-print [after 136 years!] Cole's Funny Picture Book, this issue also includes chapters on the children's books of G.E. Farrow; Erroll Collins; Kay Burdekin; and Amy le Feuvre.

Yet more than the weird-for-a-kid's-book plot summaries here, I appreciated Chris's dedication to unearthing the stories of the authors. 
Tags: biblio-curiosa, chris mikul, reviews

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