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Ray X X-Rayer

4 pages magazine size, $2.00/selected trades, Boxholder, PO Box 2, Plattsburgh NY 12901-0002, USA + raypalm [at] +

[Note: Postal correspondence: Only use 'Boxholder' as addressee.]

Ray started his zine back in 1994 in order to cover "off-beat topix - UFOs, weird books, fringe thinkers, and anything else that compels me to write."
These days Ray is mainly a blogger but he still puts together his print zine assembled from his blog posts, and he will send print copies out to people who prefer reading that form over piXels. I'm one of those myself!
Ray's stuff is always a pleasure to read. He's a great writer, and witty. And it was from him that I learned about conspiracy freaks The Liberty Net. Ray's writing about those wackos is hilarious! Also very funny are his responses to print readers who criticised him for "too much white space."
Tags: ray x x-rayer, reviews
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