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Kackle Issue 3D : Skull Water

12 pages. 7" x 5", $7.00pp [USA]; $8.00pp [Rest of the World] Bruce Wilson, 2184E. 20th Avenue, Vancouver BC V5N 2L6, CANADA + spatty31 [at]

This short story is illustrated with 3D drawings - the zine comes with 3D glasses - and the effect is awesome. Being the kind of old school red and blue 3D glasses I kind of expected a rather average effect, like I've seen employed elsewhere, but this is really done well. The accompanying story is of an elderly couple and their only son, the three of which live in a remote cabin in the woods. Both the young man's parents die within a short space of time, the father then the mother. The son is inconsolable. However! The local doctor is known for some very special powers, of which the bereft son is aware, and he desperately pleads with the doc to bring his mother back.

Well, Re-Animator has taught us that playing God with the deceased will almost never lead to a happy ending, but could it be a different story for this young man and his dear old mother? Why not contact Mr Wilson here and arrange to find out, eh?
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