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Envelope[s] of the Month - April 2015

These both arrived today so it's a tie for Envelope of the Month. [Yes I know the month isn't over yet. Maybe there will be a third EotM, or even a fourth!]

Anyway, the first one here is from Shaun Craike. Who is Pinkie Pie? Since the envelope contains Shaun's Sonic the Hedgehog bootleg, I'm guessing she's one of Sonic's girlfriends. Hopefully I'll find out when I read the comic. It looks good! Review forthcoming... But wait a minute! Look how Shaun arranged the stamps and address on the envelope! That goes against Australia Post envelope-addressing guidelines! See? The old school postal system - that's where the REAL rebellion is happening.

Next up!

The other Envelope of the Month is this one from Giles 'Phatsville Comix' Kilham. Inside is a copy of the latest, long-awaited Phatsville Comix. It's been two years since the last one! The reason for this will be revealed in my review, coming soon! Can't wait to read this one too!

Thanks to Shaun and Giles for the Great Mail Day!
Tags: envelope art, envelope of the month, phatsville comix, shaun craike

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