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Sonic Dirties [April 2015]

12 pages, 8" x 6", Free! if you ask nicely >>> written and drawn by Shaun Craike scraike81 [at] and mostly coloured by Timothy Gill

In his intro, Shaun respectfully notes that "Sonic was created by Yuji Naka, Naoto Oshima & Hirokazu Yasuhara. All characters owned by Sega. However Sega does not approve of this sick, childish completely wrong 8-page freebie" but that's where any respect for those characters ends as they are put through the wringer by acts of extreme violence and sexual exploitation. No doubt I would have enjoyed this more [or maybe less! if I was a super Sonic fanboy...] if I was familiar with the world of Sonic and his pals, but I never jumped on that particular bullet train. Nevertheless! Anybody [well maybe not anybody] can appreciate the absolute wrongness on display here, and the depraved behaviour of these usually cute and G-rated videogame characters.

A final mention and bonus points for the colouring job by Tim Gill [although it seems that Shaun himself coloured the Blue Buzzsaw page, which looks awesome too.]
Tags: comix, games, reviews, shaun craike

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