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Doomed and Cheery

8 pages, 6" x 4", Neale Blanden, PO Box 1173, Huntingdale VIC 3166, AUSTRALIA +

Yes it's true that life can be a damned bother. It makes one wonder if there's a point to getting up some mornings. But wait a minute! There's always an alternative, like pissed-off Polly here finds out. Maybe he just needs to hang out with this guy...

Look at this happy idiot! He would get along great with Stimpy!

Why not write Neale a nice letter, even a short note, and tell him you saw his funny minicomics on that bastard Stratu's blog and could he please send them to you. He will for sure! Or, just sit there and press a few more buttons and take a peep through his tumblr! Or do both!
Tags: comix, neale blanden, reviews

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