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Phatsville Comix 19 [April 2015]

52 pages, 8" x 6", for ordering info email fatankle [at] or find them on Facebook

Bloody hell! I didn't realise it had been two whole years since the last issue of Phatsville, but there it is in editor Giles's introduction. He explains that part of the reason for this was he and co-editor J-Stew had also been doing Keeyok Tales. The other reasons are too convoluted to go into here, and I don't believe them anyway. Haw!

The new issue gets off to a wobbly start with "a chapter" of Battlefart's 'The Protectorate' [Oh boy! An ongoing story in a comix anthology! ... I fucking HATE those!] Giles in his intro was really excited and thrilled to be publishing this, but I don't see anything to get excited about. The 'story' and dialogue are a snoozefest and the awful art reminds me of the worst of DC Vertigo. It seems completely out of place in this kind of comix anthology. On the other hand, for example, check out Brett Weekes's 'Hipsters : A Visual Guide' above, for something that perfectly fits into this kind of comix anthology.

However, once you have flipped past [or suffered through] that garbage, things really start looking up! J-Stew reveals the healing powers of the 'Fart Jar'; Glenno mourns the death of the last Ramone while noting with disgust the proliferation of Ramones t-shirts worn by kids whose creative vision amounts to another selfie; J-Stew's tale of his champion spitting father and grandfather; Giles and his Hitler-shaped poo; a re-run of Giles and Brett Weekes's excellent 'Science Fucking Sux!' from Blackguard 5 ; an extremely weird strip called 'The Car Sale' by Ross Radiation; some blatant self-promotion from Giles in the form of a strip about his and his missus Sharon's op-shop bric-a-brac project 'No Guts, No Glory' where they take daggy old figurines and transform them into disembowelled monstrosities [great stuff!]; man then another two pages of Battlefart ... I'm gonna call him Brainfart, which seems more appropriate...; a page of three three-panel strips by Kerry Nelson that I can't describe, and the third one I don't even understand [!] and whose work I hope to see more of...; and finally [well actually 'Hipsters' is the last strip] Giles's Rodney Rant in 'Barmy Swami" in which phony spiritual medium Rodney attempts to exploit a customer by claiming her dead boyfriend wants to enter his body to be with her for a final ten minutes...

Good to see the editing tightened up in this issue. So what if I don't care for Brainfart? I guess it's a possibility that others might. And of course there are one or two others that don't rate a mention [but what the fuck do I know anyway, amirite?], but this issue is pretty solid. And Giles and J-Stew have introduced an Index so the reader knows who and what he or she is reading! Hallelujah!

One final thing I want to note that I found funny - right at the beginning with the contact info, it says "Find us on Facebook by searching 'Phatsville Comix' or go old school and email fatankle [at]" Go 'old school' by sending an email! If email is old school, what the hell would postal mail be? Haw! What a world...
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