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Not My Small Diary 18 : The Pet Issue

148 pages, 8.5" x 5.5", $8.00 postpaid [US] order from edited by Delaine Derry Green, 459 Maine Street Ste. 101-263, Trussville AL 35173, USA

Wow what a Super Ultra Mega Great Mail Day it was a few days ago when this arrived in my mailbox! Delaine's themed comics anthology is so great, and this issue has the theme of 'Pets' which, you have to admit [unless you're one of those potential-serial-killer types who hates animals] that this is easily one of the best choices for a theme that could be chosen. Does anybody not have a pet story? ... There are many great pet strips in here, but today at work I found myself wondering what the breakdown was for each animal. Being a cat person, I sure hope cats beat dogs! ...

Here are the results:

Cats - 24
Dogs - 18
Rats - 2
Fish - 2
Toad - 1
Chameleon - 1
Snake - 1
Bird - 1
Guinea Pig - 1
Hamster - 1
Mouse - 1
Rabbit - 1

It didn't surprise me that there were more cat strips, since the finer, creative, sensitive qualities of 'the artist' is more in tune with cats. It wasn't a clearcut exercise, however. Some contributors made it impossible, like Jim Siergay who's strip was about the animals he had that died prematurely, until he gave up and got a Chia Pet.  Also, Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz made her strip about a cat and a rat! And Sam Spina (his strip is one of my favourites in here, and so was his in the last NMSD if I remember correctly...], the first half of his strip was about his many short-lived goldfish as a child while the second half was about his beloved black labrador, Becca. Finally, Maximum Traffic's strip didn't count because it was simply a viaual gag with a fish in it, not a pet story at all. Not only that but Maximum Traffic commits here one of the great anthology contribuitor sins! At the top of the page he notes "From the Max Traffic archive". Laziness and arrogance! What an unpleasant combination! He might as well be saying, "My time is too important to come up with something new for your anthology, so here's some old shit that vaguely connects with your theme. Don't mention it!"

Delaine has really made NMSD into something special indeed. Comics anthologies can be irritatingly hit and miss but NMSD always has far more hits than misses, and not only that, but it has something indescribable, something 'alchemical'!
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